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Training and R & D Unit


In line with the mission, vision, procedures and instructions of our hospital, to increase, coordinate, support, create effective coordination structures in the field of health service, to develop effective coordination structures, to increase the sustainability of education and R & D activities, to ensure that the activities are carried out in a single hand and in an efficient manner. .


Training and R & D Team:

The Training and R & D Unit consists of one unit manager and the unit staff, depending on the deputy chief physician in charge of training.


Activities Related to Education:


1. Our Training System:


Our trainings cover all trainings provided for the fast, correct  and efficient work of the personnel in the position they are in, self-improvement and gaining the ability that they need to know. Trainings are carried out in the form of planned, unplanned and orientation trainings. Planned trainings; Trained and approved by the Training and R & D Unit. In-service  and authorization are the trainings. The unscheduled trainings are those which are not included in the training plan but are received by the training committee if the requests received by the hospital administrators and the units are evaluated and accepted by the training committee.

Orientation trainings; It covers the training given to all hospital employees, including the supplier / contract personnel who will work in the new medical and administrative departments.

The plans of all the in-service trainings are entered into the Ministry of Health and the results are entered into the CMS system.


2. Determination of Training Needs:


Training needs are determined by taking into consideration the tasks and departments of the hospital staff, the targets of the hospital, strategies and training needs analyzes. In accordance with the needs of the institution, departments and persons, revision works are carried out on the subjects of education. The deputy chief physician responsible for Education and R & D is informed of the revisions made. The annual training plan includes internal and external training. In-service trainings outside these categories are also planned annually. The departments such as Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Nuclear Medicine, Health Care Services prepare annual in-service training plans and forward them to the hospital Education and R & D department. Training and R & D department monitors the in-service training plan and revisions are made if necessary.

3. Education Committee:


The educational committee of the institution is organized by the Education and R & D Unit and the practices are followed together with the deputy chief physician  in charge of education. The Committee meets 4 times in a year.


Activities Related to Research and Development (R & D):

· Keeps records of scientific studies and health R & D projects / activities in the institution and periodically transmits them to the related units.

· Announces the training, courses and seminars announced by the Ministry of Health.

· Provides cooperation with organizations providing support for R & D projects.

· Supports internal scientific studies.

communication: 0212- 6922000 (In 4068-1366)