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Biochemistry Laboratory

Medical Biochemistry Laboratory
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Research and Training Hospital is the first branch hospital of cardiology in the European side of Istanbul. As a part of the superior health service, it has started to serve the whole health sector of our country with the new method s in medical term  practices especially in the public sector.
Istanbul Health Sciences University Mehmet Akif Ersoy Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital Medical Biochemistry Laboratory is working on the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of biochemical tests. Biochemical analyzes of blood, urine and body fluids are carried out by our professional team.
Biochemistry Laboratory is divided into departments. It has a wide range of tests including Biochemistry, Hormone, Coagulation, Cardiac Markers, Urinary Biochemistry tests.
In the biochemistry department, blood biochemistry is analyzed. Blood glucose and sugar loading tests, blood fats, renal function tests, liver function tests, enzymes, electrolytes are examined. Hormone Department thyroid hormones, specific hormones, vitamins are studied. In the Coagulation Department, comprehensive tests in the detection of bleeding and coagulation disorders are studied. Department of Cardiac Markers; emergency parameters of heart attack are studied. Urinary Biochemistry is studied in the autoanalyzer with a fully automated microscopic imaging system.
Our biochemistry laboratory provides emergency and routine laboratory services to its patients and it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to achieve the aim of producing fast and reliable results. All tests are monitored on a daily basis by using the Internal Quality Controls CLSI criteria. Also, the samples from the centers are regularly evaluated and the results are evaluated all over the world and external quality controls are performed. Although it is a member of international quality control institutions such as RIQAS, LABQUALITY, it is also monitored by the Ministry of Health External Quality Control System (DKD).
Processes are operated in accordance with quality management systems (ISO 15189, ISO 9001, JCI). The Biochemistry Laboratory has managed to maximize the quality of service offered by cooperating with reference laboratories for special tests used in diagnosis, research and follow-up.